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4000 Carnations


‘4000 Carnations’ is an installation made for the Festival Clignancourt Danse sur les Rails, organized by Les Jardins du Ruisseau, in order to animate and attract people to the festival under the bridge on the former rails of ‘ la Petite Ceinture’. 


‘4000 Carnations’ is also part of the study and proposal we made for the municipality, to study the options to narrow down the bridges road, removing car-parking on both sides, and introducing green to improve the quality and safety of the public space. 

Phase 01 was the graphical announcement of the future project on the bridge in its current configuration. Stage 02 is ‘4000 Carnations’ is an ephemeral installation showing the potential of the space of the bridge. Stage 03 is the final stage, the roads gets narrowed down; however we are still waiting for to be commissioned by the arrondissement to design this last phase.

On the bridge the installation transforms the use of the public space during the Festival by a red carpet of 4000 carnations which take the space of one drive way.  It animates and attracts people to the festival but also shows that there is still enough space left for cars passing by.

Under the bridge the flowers hang downwards from the ceiling in the axe of the rail tracks. It functions as a décor for the several performances and moves subtly on the movements of the air.


The project was realized under the name of 48° Nord, a collaboration of Anne-Fleur Aronstein Landscape Architect and Autenta - Atelier d’architecture.

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