Curriculum Vitae Anne-Fleur Aronstein - MLa. Master of Landscape Architecture


Selection of projects:

2019 - present      Landscape Plan ‘El Botanico de Sagra, a botanical garden and yoga retreat close to Denia, Spain

2019 - present      Concept plantings Atrium and roof gardens El Puerto Hotel, Ibiza

2019 - present      Design and realization outside Kitchen Villa Bravo Cala Vicente, Ibiza

2018 - present      Garden design for the 1600 m2 garden of Villa Bravo near Cala Vicente,Ibiza, In collaboration with Rafael                                       Pialoux Architecte.

2018 - present      Garden design for the 2000 m2 garden of Casa Mariposa, Ibiza

2018                        Furniture Design outside terraces The Old Finca, Cala Salada, Ibiza 

2017 - present      Landscapen renovation plan and  design and realization of works for the 13.300 m2 land around a the old                                       finca in Cala Salada Ibiza. In collaboration with Rafael Pialoux Architecte.

2017 - present      Villa San Mateu, Ibiza, landscape plan for the garden, renovations of old stonewalls and the planting of                                           olive grove 3 ha around a new to built villa. In collaboration with Rafael Pialoux Architecte

2017                        Design for the landscape around 'Casa de la Colina' a house closeby the sea, Cala Codolar, Ibiza. 

2016 - present      Design  for the landscape around 'Le Cabanon' the House by the Sea, Cala Salada, Ibiza 

                                  In collaboration with Rafael Pialoux Architecte

2016 - present      Design and realisation for the landscape around a new to built a new Finca at Santa Agnès, Ibiza. 

                                  In collaboration with Rafael Pialoux Architecte and Marí-Balaguer Arquitectos

2015 - present      Preliminary Design for the landscape around an old Finca, Ibiza. In collaboration                                                                                       with Rafael Pialoux Architecte

2015-2016             Preliminary design for the last section of  Parc aux Angéliques in Bordeaux, for Michel Desvigne                                                         Paysagiste, Paris

2014-2015             Final and detailed design for the public space of the Leieboorden at Kortrijk Belgium, for Michel                                                         Desvigne Paysagiste, Paris

2015                        4000 Carnations, installation for the Festival Clignancourt Danse sur les Rails in collaboration with                                                   autenta - atelier d'architecture                

2015                        Europan13  St Brieuc Lez is Mer - shortlist, in collaboration with autena - atelier d'architecture

2014                        Competition IFC Moscow for Michel Desvigne Paysagiste in collaboration with XDGA

2013- 2014            Waterdriehoek, vision on the riverbanks of the Biesbosch, The Netherlands, for Scoop,Saline                                                               Verhoeven, in collaboration  with Steenhuis-Meurs and Frank Zwetsloot    

2013                        Detail Design Wadipark Lusail Qatar, for Michel Desvigne Paysagiste Paris,  

2012-2013​             Ardoines, master plan for the transformation of an old industrial zone with flooding danger, Paris,                                                     France 1st prize, B+B in collaboration with Star and Floris Alkemade

2012                        Rudolf Dieselbuurt, design and advice for the public space of an Amsterdam neighborhood in                                                               collaboration with Ymere,  B+B, Abbink de Haas and Moriko Kira

2012                        Vision on extension and future use of an estate in Baarn, B+B

2011                        Water Networks brainstorm sessions in a national collective of advisors,  B+B

2011                        Vision on, and design for the public space of the city centre of Zierikzee,  B+B

2011                        Cruquius, strategy about the transformation of an old industrial zone in Amsterdam, 1st prize in                                                         collaboration with Investeren in Ruimte,  B+B

2010                        Strategy and plan for flooding zone Bouliac, Bordeaux, Michel Desvigne Paysagiste, Paris

2010                        Design public space for the boulevard and marina of Lusail, Qatar, Michel Desvigne Paysagiste,Paris

2010                        Study about Green Public Space in Paris, Freelance for TU Delft

2009                        Ceci n’est pas un monochrome, design for the Garden festival Chaumont-sur-Loire, for B+B

2007-2009             Imboschveld, design for the green collective space in a forest in Dieren, 1st prize  B+B in                                                                         collaboration with ONIX architecten

2007-2008             Design for the gardens of the Court of Justice in Haarlem, the Netherlands  B+B

2008                        Competition, 1st prize entry public space, park and housing on a formal fortification the Schans in                                                     Westervoort, The Netherlands ( in collaboration with ONIX architecten)

2007                        Competition, 1st prize entry design for the city entrance ‘t Laar’ of Tilburg, a synergy between the                                                       three different specific landscape types of Tilburg, The Netherlands B+B

2007                        Blinddruk van de Tijd, an art project in the public space of VINEX-quarter of Amersfoort. In                                                                   collaboration with John de Groot and Petra Huls

2006-2010             Preliminary and definite design city center of Nieuwegein, the Netherlands  B+B

2006-2008             Design for the public space and three bridges for the city hall of Waalwijk, B+B

2006                        Design for a school garden in Melbourne, Australia, freelance

2006                        Competition Maghtab Park Malta, 3rd prize, freelance for Berno Strootman

2005-2006             Kraanspoor, Amsterdam Noord; design for the quays and boulevard of the Kraanspoor, an old ship                                                       docking relict at the NDSM-warf in Amsterdam. 1:1 stadslandschappen

2004-2006             Guidebook and catalogue and temporary and definite design of the formal NDSM-warf, Amsterdam.                                                 1:1 stadslandschappen

2004-2006             Vleuterweide, Utrecht; design public space Vleuterweide, Leidsche Rijn 1:1Stadslandschappen


Previous Experience


2012-2016             Michel Desvigne Paysagiste, Paris

2005-2012             B+B stedebouw en landschapsarchitectuur, Amsterdam

2003-2005             1:1 Stadslandschappen, Amsterdam

2001                        Buro Kiefer, Berlin




2009 - 2010           Erasmus at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage, Versailles

2006 - 2013           MLa - Master of Landscape architecture - Academy of Architecture Amsterdam

1999 - 2003           Bachelor Industrial Design,  Department ‘ Men and Public Space' - Design Academy Eindhoven

Language skills 

                                  Dutch - native speaker 

                                  English - near native / fluent 

                                  French - near native / fluent 

                                  Spanish - intermediate communication skills / working knowledge

                                  German - basic communication skills / working knowledge