The House by the Sea


The first part of the landscape plan for ‘ Le Cabanon’ a house by the sea was realised this spring. The house is situated on the edge of the arid cliffs at the west of Ibiza, with in the hinterland the Mediterranean pine forest. The deep aubergine coloured retaining walls solve the height differences of this steep landscape. The design continues on the existing presence of the walls and colour on the site by extending existing walls as well as by adding new ones. The result is an interesting ensemble of abstract graphical shaped walls and lush exotic plants that create space and leads the visitor through this paradisiac landscape.  


The site is exposed to strong western winds, and sun. The arid climate and the salty sea wind impose a well-adapted planting pallet with plants that require little water and maintenance.

The site is divided in different zones, “the Entrée”, “the Rooftop” and the “ Seaside “ and the “Terrace below”.  For each zone different planting pallets is made, fitting the conditions and needs.  They all blend in gradually with the surrounding landscape.

The “Entrée” with a small arid vegetable garden, will be realized over the course of 2017.  


This spring we realized the first part of the “Rooftop”, a terrace that gives a magnificent view to the Mediterranean blue.  Before the terrace was little used because of lack of protection and a dangerous access. To create a real space the walls of the roof are extended and painted in deep aubergine red. The wall forms a planting container all along the edge. A green barrier of agaves, aloes, cacti, yuccas, and grasses arises.

The planting plan is set to create a contrast between shape colour and texture. The golden hours and the sea breeze make the finely textured grasses play and shimmer next to the static and sculptural shapes of the exotics. 

The design was made in collaboration with Rafael Pialoux Architecte.