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16 Fruit trees planted at the Old Finca, Ibiza

At the hills of the Morna valley an old Finca will be renovated. The Finca, a typical Ibicenco farm, is situated on eight-hectares of land, which has been abandoned for years. A pine forest surrounds the former agricultural land and precious old olive trees, some magnificent evergreen oaks and sabina’s are found on the site.

A general landscape plan has been made together with a zoning plan in order realise phase by phase.

The zones consist different scales and landscape types: the greatest part is “Forest “ ( 5 ha) the “Agricultural landscape” (3 ha), with olive trees, fruit orchards and different terraces and the swimming pool. The “ Oasis” close to the Finca, is a more intensive and lush planted area. For each zone a design and planting plan is made, using plants, which require as little water as possible and are hardy in the arid climate of Ibiza.

In 2016 we started the second phase, with the planting 28 olive trees at the entrance of the site. Last March we planted on two terraces 16 fruit trees in a planting pattern that allows to be densified in the future.

We planted quince, pomegranate, peach, apple, apricots, pear, lime, and lemon trees and the first fruits have been harvested already…

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