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A new Finca Santa Agnès, Ibiza

The works for the new Finca in the beautiful landscape of Santa Agnès, Ibiza, have started.

The 4 hectares of land will slowly transform into an olive grove to produce the finest olive oil. The land is situated in the valley of Santa Agnès, famous for its almond trees that bloom abundantly during spring.

Great old pine trees, sabina’s and some very monumental carob and olive trees mark the site. Little pine groves divide the site in different zones, and introduce different scales.

In the design the existing presence of the large monumental trees and groves, scale and partition is used to order and define the landscape. The inside and outside spaces of the Finca are designed in close collaboration with the architects, Rafael Pialoux Architecte and Marí-Balaguer Arquitectos. The objective was to realise a smooth and graduate transition from inside to the outside space.

The patio and garden with the swimming pool around the Finca are more intensely and exotically planted. Slowly the garden merges into the greater agricultural landscape with the olive grove, almond trees, the fruit orchard and a vegetable garden. The different planting palettes are based on the arid climate of Ibiza, and need require a minimal irrigation.

The swimming pool is designed in the spirit of the Ibicenco ‘Balsa’; a basin that provides the Finca’s on the island with water. The lightly elevated basin is made out of dry- stonewalls and merges on the other side seamlessly into the landscape.

This summer the construction of the Finca started, together with the preparations of the land. The first olives will be planted in October, so they can profit from the rain and the milder temperatures of autumn and winter. Besides new planted olive trees the existing almond plantation across the road will be complemented with new trees. Behind the house close to the kitchen various fruit trees will lead the way to the vegetable garden.

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