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Rhinocéros in Yport,

A temporary intervention changes the life and perception of a little sea village in France. 


Yport is a small fishermen’s village in Normandy France. The great tidal difference makes it possible to go far out on the exposed mud flats and perceive the village from far away. It reminded me of a theatre scene and at the time I was reading Rhinocéros of Eugène Ionesco.

Rhinocéros will take over Yport. The village, a (theatrical) scene for the daily life, becomes the scene of the absurdist play from 1959. Ionesco often uses nonsense and clichés to reveal the absurdity of the human existence. In this play he most forcefully expresses his horror of ideological conformism. The three acts of the Rhinocéros are set in three particularly parts of the village. The framing of the scenes together with the placing of the audience will cause an architectonic intervention in the coastal view on the village of Yport. The play and the sets will interrupt the habitant’s perception of their daily life and common space. 

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