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'Reclaimed Dynamics' 3 scenario's towards a new attitude to dynamics in the Dutch Delta,

‘The exhibition is dedicated to contemporary landscape architecture in the Netherlands and presents innovative solutions for the development of complex natural environments. Over a third of the territory of the Netherlands lies below sea level, and the Dutch have engaged for centuries in a “battle” with the water for the land. Engineers and architects recovered “polders” from the sea. On these highly fertile areas of land hydrotechnical installations are built, and water never ceases to attempt to reclaim the land. Severe flooding in 1916 and in 1953 presented architects with new problems. Between 1950 and 1997, they carried out the Deltawerken project, creating a system of dams, locks, and storm barriers. Yet after the ambitious plan of the 1970s to “straighten” the riverbeds, the implementation of which ended a series of floods, the strategy of the Dutch landscape architects in their relationship with water underwent a radical change: moving away from their former “battle” with nature, they decided to begin a dialogue with it.’

Reclaimed Dynamics takes part in this exhibition together with 7 other graduation projects of the Academie van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam. The projects address different locations in the Dutch water related landscape. They offer new designs, attitudes, strategies and approaches to improve the overall quality, economy of the landscape using water and dynamics as a quality instead of seeing it as a menace.

The exhibition ‘Dialogue With Water: Landscape Architecture of the Netherlands ’ will take place from 15 May until 29 June 2014 in Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow.

Открытие выставки: ДИАЛОГ С ВОДОЙ. ЛАНДШАФТНАЯ АРХИТЕКТУРА НИДЕРЛАНДОВ / Opening exhibition Thursday 15 May 19:00 pm

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