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Summer Expedition North Coast 500, Scotland

This summer I took part, together with a group of young landscape architects, architects, artists, journalists and writers in an expedition to the Highlands of Scotland.

The expedition was an initiative of INLANDSIS and GRAFT in order to explore and experience the impact of the North Coast 500 designation from 2015 on this Highland-road.

The trip led from Inverness to Loch Carron where we hiked through the mountains where we stayed at the to the Croire Fionnaraich Bothy, went on to the West Coast, wild camping and foraging mussels at Applecross and Red Point, drawing and learning about the Highland clearances and crofters history on Isle Martin, and driving further north up to Lochinver up and Sandwood, Tongue Donerea and down back by the East coast via Helmsdale and Invergordon.

It was an impressive, eye-opening and breath-taking experience, through the vast and tumultuous landscapes of the Highlands.

Soon more about this trip and project.

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