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Europan13 submission 'Lez is Mer' for St. Brieuc on shortlist

St. Brieuc is fortunately situated on the cross section of a landscape of valleys and hills, river and the sea. The landscape is characterized by a strong topography, bocages and great infrastructure. However it does not seem to know how to profit from this situation.

The river the Gouet, is the only element connecting and transcending the forests and valleys unto the bay of St. Brieuc. Unfortunately she is little reachable, the water is polluted, and there is no interaction between the two riverbanks. They both seem to ignore their existence and potential.

The plan provides a spatial strategy to restore the visual and physical connection between people and the landscape: the city, the hills and valleys, the river and the sea. By creating a new network of interesting urban spaces and landscapes. St. Brieuc reconnects to Légué. On a greater scale this network connects to a larger scale and an existing and potential network leading to different points of interest such as the belvedere, the Amphitheatre, the forests and the sea.

Lez is Mer, a spatial strategy for St Brieuc, is a collaboration between aūtenta - atelier d’architecture and

Anne-Fleur Aronstein Paysagiste.

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